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Covid-19 protocal


  • Practice should focus on the “get in, train, get out” approach.  Minimizing unnecessary contact.

  • All individuals (athletes, coaches, and staff) are required to maintain a 6-ft social distance when not actively participating in the sport.  If rowers are waiting to launch and are not “hands on a boat” or sitting in a boat, they must be 6-ft apart.  Coaches, team captains, and athletes are all tasked with monitoring the social distancing requirement and all other safety rules.


  • Any individual (athletes, coaches, and staff) must use extreme caution and frequent self-monitoring when travelling from region to region during the fall season.

  • Any individual with known exposure to a person who has been sick and/or diagnosed with COVID-19 need to notify Coach Kailey or Coach Carley immediately if the rower has been present at the boathouse in the prior 14-days AND the individual must self-quarantine for 14-days prior to returning to training.

  • All individuals must self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 daily. Symptoms include; fever or chills, shortness of breath, fatigue, cough, congestion, sore throat, muscle or body aches, headache, nausea and diarrhea.   Temperatures should be taken prior to attending practice.  If their temperature is 100.4 degrees or over, the individual should not come to the boathouse AND notify Coach Kailey or Coach Carley immediately.

  • If an individual has had a documented case of COVID-19, they will need a note from their doctor prior to returning to training.


  • Rower pick up and drop off is to take place at the top of the hill by the TSC parking lot entrance.

  • Athletes must go directly to their boat’s meeting point upon arrival. Come to practice dressed and ready to row. Do not enter the TSC building unless absolutely necessary. 

  • All individuals (athletes, coaches, and staff), must wear masks BEFORE entering the boathouse compound.  If any individual arrives without a mask, they will not be allowed to enter the boathouse compound.  If a rower arrives to practice without their mask, they should text Coach immediately.

  • Only athletes, coaches, and staff are to be in practice areas.  TSC has always been very generous in allowing parent to hang out on their deck during practice, however until things clear up we ask that parents stay outside the TSC property and away from the boat storage area. 

  • Coach will be taking rower’s temperature when they arrive.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be turned back before entering the TSC compound.

  • Any individual (athletes, coaches, and staff) must have their hands sprayed with hand sanitizer (80% Ethanol) upon arrival at the boathouse.  A coach or team captain will spray hands at the front gate.

  • Specific arrival times will be assigned to boat line-ups ahead of time. These will be communicated through email and/or GroupMe.  Please do not arrive earlier than your assigned time.  If the rower will be late, they must text Coach immediately because the entire boat line-up will need to be separated to wait for the late rower.

  • No personal items will be allowed to enter the boathouse compound.  Cellphones should stay in locked cars.  Water bottles are allowed but must have rower’s names clearly marked on them. 


  • Coaches will handle sanitizing all equipment after every practice.

  • Rowers should not touch anything at the boathouse except their assigned equipment.

  • Please arrive ready to row.

  • All rowers are responsible for their own equipment.  Every rower will carry their own water bottle.

  • Coxswains are responsible for wiping down cox boxes before returning to Coach at the end of practice.  Clorox/bleach wipes will be provided.


  • 2 designated people will grab oars and take them to the dock. The same 2 will return them to storage.

  • Once the equipment has been taken to the dock, the boat will launch immediately.

  • If rowers are left on land, they will be assigned a workout and are expected to maintain the 6-ft social distance rule. If a run is required, masks are optional but the 6-ft rule will be expanded to 15-ft or greater.


  • Once the boat has pushed off the dock, masks are optional for rowers. Coxswains will always remain in masks.

  • No sharing of water bottles.

  • No switching of seats.

  • Coaches and athletes will wear masks in the launch.  Coach can remove mask if they are alone.

  • No spitting. Avoid touching your face.

  • No high-5s, fist bumps, or touching of any kind.


  • Masks must be put back on prior to approaching the dock.

  • When the boat docks, a coach will catch the boat.

  • Everyone puts the boat away.

  • If the rowers have no previously assigned jobs, the rowers will exit the compound immediately.

  • 2 designated rowers (the two who took them down) will grab oars and put them away.  Then they will leave the compound immediately.

  • No post practice meeting with coaches or other rowers.  All questions should be submitted via text or email after the rower has left the compound.

  • No “hanging out” at the end of practice.


  • Maintaining a log of who attended practice.

  • Checking temperatures of all athletes as they arrive.  Any athlete with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be sent home.

  • Monitoring athletes for signs or symptoms of COVID-19 during practice.  If there are any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 detected in an athlete, the rower will be immediately separated from the team and parents notified. The rower will be sent home as soon as their parents arrive and instructed to contact their healthcare provider.

  • Disinfecting equipment after every practice.

  • Enforcing infection prevention measures before, during, and after practice.

  • Coach Trevor will notify the team of a confirmed COVID-19 infection among the team athletes and further steps will be taken as necessary.

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