executivE Board

Black Swamp Rowing started up in the Spring of 2015 with 13 athletes who wanted the opportunity to row competitively and gain the experience needed to row at the collegiate level. Black Swamp Rowing, currently, consists of Varsity and Novice Girls, and competes in the fall and spring season. (Rowers can participate in both seasons or choose just Spring or Fall.)Black Swamp Rowing was able to get it’s start due to the generosity of many supporters and the dedication of many parents. The teams first season was started from the much appreciated generosity of Gary and Jean Heller, of Whitehouse, who purchased a 4+ boat and trailer for the team. From that one boat season, Black Swamp Rowing has been steadily growing and fundraising which has led to the addition of a second 4+ boat, as well as, a NEW Vespoli 8+ boat, in Spring of 2017. The goal of Black Swamp Rowing is to continue to grow the team and purchase additional boats which will give the rowers more opportunities to compete at regattas. The foundation of Black Swamp Rowing, the Board of Directors meet regularly to address club business. The Board is nominated by the membership to facilitate club planning, development, and rowing education.  The Executive Board meetings are held once a month.  

The executive Board is actively seeking additional board members.  If you are interested in serving on the board please contact Board President Bryan Agosti at  Blackswamprowing@gmail.com