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Black Swamp Rowing offers a fall season, a winter training season, and a spring season. The fall season offers a time trial format with long winding races down rivers and lakes at a slower cadence, while the spring season offers shorter sprint racing in numbered lanes. During winter, the rowers train on the indoor rowing machines, or "ergs."



We have practice Monday through Thursday and on non-regatta Saturdays during the week


Currently from 4:30 to 6:30pm

​Spring/Fall practice takes place at Toledo Sailing Club, located at 2701 Broadway St, Toledo, OH



Rowing Fees Per Season - 650

US Rowing Membership - $15

Team Jersey - $40

Rowing fees are due August 1st for Fall and February 1st for Spring.  The rowing fee can be paid in full or broken down into payments.  We travel in the Fall and Spring season, so that will be an additional cost to you for hotel, food, and gas.



WHY GET INTO ROWING?  It's a physical, exciting and social sport that helps you work effectively in a team.

WHO IS IT FOR?  If you're looking for a fantastic way to stay in shape and you love being on the water, rowing is perfect for you. Alternatively, most gyms provide indoor rowing machines.

HOW'S THE WORKOUT?  Rowing is a fantastic cardiovascular workout. Every stroke uses 85% of your muscles covering nine major muscle groups so it also helps you to tone up, fast.

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IT'S THE ULTIMATE TEAM SPORT Communication, trust, and timing are just some of the many team related qualities that are essential the the performance of the crew.

GREAT EXERCISE Physiologists claim that rowing a 2,000 meter race (~1.25 miles) is equal to playing back-to-back basketball games.

YOU MAKE FRIENDS, REALLY GOOD FRIENDS! In rowing, you can join for any number of reasons, but you end up staying for your team.



Black Swamp Rowing recruits new members at the beginning of each season in August/September and January. Whenever you start, we teach you everything you need to know. Interested in learning more?  You're welcome to stop by our practices anytime, but we encourage you to contact the coach prior to the visit for the best experience. Joining our rowing team could be the greatest decision you will ever make.

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